Kanuuna’s discussion groups meet youth work professionals’ need for peer support whenever it is needed. Some of the groups may evolve into permanent development networks, some may be closed when they are no longer needed. Each group has its own leader. The leaders typically do not represent Kanuuna and they are experts of the theme of their respective groups.

Discussions are held in MS Teams and Discord on the Kanuuna server. The discussion schedules, themes and any Teams participation links will be provided in the newsletter. Information is also available in the events calendar. We look forward to seeing you there!

Currently active peer discussion groups

  • Substance abuse prevention tip clinic
  • Special youth work group
  • Finnish hobby model group
  • Flexible basic education instructor group
  • Cultural youth work group
  • Youth centre and facility work
  • Ungdomsarbete på svenska
  • Group for youth workers in upper secondary schools
  • Sexual education group
  • Mental Health Boosters
  • Youth information and counselling goup.