A conference where we work together to meet the challenges of local youth work

From Belgium to Bulgaria there are different forms of youth work.

From Georgia to Germany youth work use different methods.

From Ireland to Italy youth work face different challenges.

But the fact is that we have much more in common than what sets us apart! We all work to support young peoples personal and social development. We all know that this must be done together with young people, building on their active engagement and responsibility. We are all members of InterCity Youth!

So what are the differences but a great chance for inspiration and mutual learning? And today, in times of crises, we need each other more than ever. So let’s meet the challenges together! Let’s speak with a common voice! This is the idea of InterCity Youth! This is the aim of our conference!

When: 2-4 November 2015 Where: Gothenburg, Sweden                  Target group: Heads of local departments, coordinators, heads of youth centres and youth workers active in the development of local youth work.

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