The city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch will host the 3rd InterCity Youth Conference

In November 2014 European municipalities are invited to participate in this 3-days networking event on youth work. Besides sharing knowledge, experiences and policy insights, the aim of the InterCity Youth Conference is to found the official European InterCity Youth Network. We therefore specially invite representatives interested to become members of the InterCity Youth Network.

The InterCity Youth Network is a European network representing municipalities actively involved in youth work. Through knowledge sharing, peer learning and policy development, we aim to improve the quality and position of youth work within Europe. In the attached “Common grounds and intentions” you will find more information. Jugend für Europa organised in 2012 the first InterCity Youth Conference in Leipzig. Representatives from local government institutions addressed the importance of youth work and the exchange of policy developments in that field. The second InterCity Youth Conference of 2013 in Helsinki concluded to found an official European Network. The third InterCity Youth conference of 2014 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch will found the InterCity Youth Network.

More information: InterCity lll, 9.-11.11.2014